Dog meat is still an operating but illegal trade in Bali. Although there are laws that forbid the business of dog meat, they still operate in the shadows.

Meet Mo, she was discovered in a gutter with almost all her energy spent. Her mouth and her rear legs were bound and it was cutting through its flesh. It is believed that Mo managed to struggle and fall off of a vehicle that was transporting all the dogs to the meat factory. She was rescued by the missionpawsible team and rushed to the hospital for immediate health assistance.More info & Photo courtesy: | Facebook | Instagram | |





Mo was carefully examined and the Vets conducted a surgery to released the snout and her legs which were bound. Finally, Mo pulled through and was in good hands that would care for her. She was nourished and rehabilitated, prior to be given into foster care.

Mo found herself a good family with doggo siblings and now she is a happy doggo with a loving family, where she is safe and loved!

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