The streets of Istanbul were the home to this famous cat; Tombili. Striking his iconic poses on the side of the streets, he became an international sensation of Istanbul who was loved by people all over the world.

Image Courtesy : tapirr/Reddit | Kedisi / FacebookImgur

Although he was a street cat, Tombili did not spend a day starving and was well fed by the locals. But sadly, time caught up with this adorable soul and Tombili left this world due catching an illness. Even after its death, Tombili received love from the people with flowers and notes on his favorite spots to rest.

He was adored by the local community that they requested a memorial, backing up with a petition of around 17,000 signatures. This resulted in sculpturing Tombili in bronze, seated with his iconic pose, at one of his favorite places in the city.

This is a heart touching example in which it is clear that love and the warmth of hearts goes beyond a specific species. Even though Tombili is not among the people of Istanbul, it’s love and its presence will always be in those busy streets.

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