Texas Freeze is experienced around the regions of Texas where the temperature drops dramatically so low so fast. The sea turtles take it bad since this phenomenon makes it difficult for the sea turtles to be in the depths of the sea and sometimes they experience internal injuries due to the freeze.

Most of the turtles keep floating in the surface to escape the water but sadly, most of then eventually gets caught up by the freeze or sometimes gets hit by some floating vessel. To tackle this natural disaster, Sea Turtle Inc. have been taking precautions to save the lives of sea turtle for 40 years and counting.More info: Sea Turtle Inc.

#1. Check this video out to know more about Sea Turtle Inc. 

The rehabilitation center usually saves around 300 turtles each year. But this thime the number have sky rocketed they have been saving and attending to more than 5000 turtles. The volunteers are exhausted and working all the time they can spare to save these turtles. So, the Sea Turtle Inc. requests the public to report and also help in the cause of saving these animals by being responsible in garbage disposal and also fishing utensil disposal.

As much as being saved and getting treatments, there are many turtles who are recovered. They are released in different locations or by checking with the temperature levels of the sea. They will return to the ocean, into different but safe feeding grounds where they can continue their life being safe from the Texas freeze.

Please visit the Sea Turtle Inc.  for more information and be responsible in garbage disposal, to ensure that this world has all of its animals safely intact.

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