We all have this experience while a film that we come across scenes we cannot proceed to watch without a pause. Here are 10 such most common movie incidents.

01. She’s the Man

© DreamWorks Pictures

Didn’t we all do this pause? The awaited scene of she’s the man where Amanda Bynes shows that she is a girl in the middle of the stadium. Though the pause didn’t actually give what most of the fans expected, the scene surely brought the exact thrill producers expected to provide.

02. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

© Universal Pictures

A can say no reminder from the 1980’s. Phoebe Cates scene from which she approaches out of the pool by slowly undressing the top of her bikini.

03. Titanic

© Paramount Pictures

THE TITANIC, romance that never sunk. Haven’t we had few pausing moments in Titanic in its own but with the most where Jack drawing a nude of Kate Winslet. Yes! It surely had a greater pause throughout the movies from 1997.

04. The Exorcist

© 20th Television

The horror lovers’ must experience a pause. This movie is very popular among the fans for its unpredictable scary demons appearance in the middle of the scenes. It, however, needs a pause to truly see the demon exactly but creates heart attack with the look of it which is so terrifying.

05. The Wolf of Wall Street

© Paramount Pictures

The hotness of Margot Robbie in the movie grabs the attention to the scene where Leonardo is being teased beneath the hidden camera. It is surely a more than one pause from the fans with the expectancy of intimate captures of this scene.

06. Signs

© Buena Vista Pictures

Remember the times when aliens and humans became so into our lives. Those were the days when most of the fans with this genre get in touch with this film. This very scene where it brings all the thoughts into where you really get to see the alien but so quick in motion, lead to pause to get the sight of it. Wasn’t it so thrilling?

07. Total Recall

© TriStar Pictures

“A prostitute with three breasts?” The exact thought which leads this pause to happen. Arnold Schwarzenegger truly was good at it…

08. Boogie Nights

© New Line Cinema

The movie that provides an example that not only nudity of females that grabs the most attention. At the end of the movie Dirk Diggler with the approach of proof from the movie about the porn industry. We all paused for this.

09. Burn After Reading

© Focus Features

A saddening pause it is. Didn’t we all pause to see how that shot took Brad’s life off the scene? That’s a curiosity built approach. It shows how deep the shot hit into you than it even hit on Brad Pitt.

10. The Wizard of Oz

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The movie that touched our hearts and taught us about friendship and kindness. The pause where we all wonder yet. The strange movement in the background, when Dorothy and her friends were singing in the woods. Although many critics came across their comments, fans were enthusiasts of their imaginations beyond any explanations.