In an age of high pollution and environmental damage due to non-degradable materials, Nzambi Matee invents a noble cause and a solution by providing alternate uses to these waste matter. Setting up her own company; ‘Gjenge Makers’, she produces bricks using these non-biodegradable matters from Kenya.

It is claimed to be much stronger than a regular cement brick along with a cheaper price of $7.70 per square meter. This provides huge opportunities to the people in Kenya to become a part of something revolutionary while upgrading their living conditions on the process.More Info & Image Courtesy: Gjenge Makers Ltd | Gjenge Makers Ltd | UN Environment Programme

Statistics of her company shows that they have recycled almost 20 tonnes of discarded plastic since the commencement of her company in 2017.

Mrs. Matee with her innovation is after her core ambition of contributing as much as possible to restore this Planet of ours, since humans have done so much in damaging it. She is an inspiration for many people who have their hearts in the right place. This is a call for the human race in general, to have responsibility in what we as humans discard and also that there is always a way in making things better.

Supporting these causes will contribute in restoring this beautiful home of ours while businesses with proper intentions get highlighted within the international community. Let us create a sustainable future, together.

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