What does a man really expect from a woman he is dating? It is a hard question. However, men and women do not prefer the same thing. They are designed to love different things in different ways.

Though every man is different and the specific things that make them happy vary, there are a few important things that almost every man needs from a woman he is dating.

1. Makeup


it’s common for a woman to expect to be more appealing to men by wearing makeup. However, there is an optimum level of makeup for men to think that you are attractive.

2. Don’t pretend to be Beyoncé


It’s better if you can keep your confidence level down because Men are designed to look for the weakest of the herd, so when you have lesser self-esteem, it is better.

3. Avoid putting the first foot out


Men prefer when you get the lead when starting a conversation. When you are taking the initiative men find it sexy.

4. Lack of hygiene


This could be the least sexist thing you can ever hear, “Are you my dirty girl?” do not let men ask this question.

5. No way, Criticizing your ex

Do not criticize you Ex-boyfriends, how bad he was in bed or how bad his behavior. let bygones be bygones

6. Clinginess


Men always love their space. Therefore, do not try to control their freedom, they get fed up of you if you don’t let them breathe.

7. The eccentricities that they tell you to give up


Men like to pick and select parts of your character. So if you can change as a person to suit their whims, then, you are a champion.

8. Being an insufferable know-it-all.

Everyone is not willing to share everything therefore always be flexible and adaptable. Everyone makes mistakes so you can be wrong at some point in their lives.

9. Too many Drinks


Make sure that you do not drink too much and misbehave when he is with you. The main reason is that your man would get beaten up and thrown out if you misbehave.

10. Being the unbeatable one

Everyone makes mistakes in their lives including yourself.

11. Too “Girlish”

When you become a matured person it makes easier to understand things easily.

12. When Being the aloof one

You need to Show gratitude to get a pinch of validation back

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