Behold! Ever laid eyes on something so peculiar that it made you do a double-take? Our peepers have a tendency to bamboozle us, and every so often, fate drops a coincidence so shocking it leaves us flabbergasted.

Lucky for you, we’ve curated a compilation of unintentional optical illusions sourced from the esteemed interesting subreddit. Brace yourself for a mind-boggling experience as we present some of the most captivating illusions in the gallery below.

#1 Fishnet Stockings Made From The Table’s Shadow? 

Image source: Nicky-Al-Dente

#2 Yin Yang In The Grease And Soap?

Image source: call_it_sleep

#3 The Mushroom Deserves An Upvote 

Image source: PaperTronics

#4 This Agate Looks Like A Wildfire

Image source: Magnetron85

#5 Smoke Or Sunlight?

Image source: SimpleSpyder

#6 A Bookcase That Turns Into A Cityscape Shadow 

Image source: Mitchdavismann

#7 I Present To You The Rare And Wonderful Dogtopus

Image source: lospolloshermanas

#8 A Pen Made Of Recycled Water Bottles Casts A Shadow Of A Water Bottle 

Image source: Tyler__Harris

#9 This Agate Piece’s Colors Look Like A Sunset 

Image source: forged_elements

#10 An Onion That Looks Like A Lotus Flower

Image source: Ban_Pending

#11 Is That The Superman Logo On A Snake? 

Image source: backdoorwolf

#12 Sunlight Through A Fountain That Looks Like It’s Pouring Lava – Only In L’aquila, Italy!

Image source: daenel

#13 Onion Ring Or Treble Clef? 

Image source: childofthemoose

#14 Shadow Follows You Everywhere 

Image source: easymichelle

#15 “Coco Shooting His Laser Beam? No, It’s Just A Toy Lightsaber!”

Image source: cokeplusmentos

#16 Pineapple? 

Image source: heraldedplaying

#17 A Frozen Puddle That Looks Like A Topographic Map

Image source: kmgenius

#18 A Plant’s Shadow That Looks Like A Decal On A Car

Image source: fidlarla

#19 Frozen Features Shaped Like A Mushroom

Image source: pete_ohara,

#20 A Bubble In A Frozen-Over Ice Fishing Hole That Looks Like The Moon Rising Over A Forest

Image source: JephriB

#21 Lunar Phases On Your Wall? No, It’s Just Your Blinds’ Reflection!

Image source: spaniard702

#22 Sunset Lighting That Makes It Look Like Firebreath

Image source: PoonSwoggle

#23 Shadow Or A Cat? It’s Actually Both!

Image source: IAMGodAMAA

#24 Cutting Boards That Look Like Books

Image source: mosoriaa

#25  It’s Too Cute To Handle These Perfect Heart-Shaped Cactus

Image source: ArgentinaMalvina

#26 Opals That Look Like Mini-Hatching Dragon Eggs

Image source: smm2194

#27 Looks Like They’re Flying To The Moon

Image source: weII_then

#28 Freezing Rain On Tree Branches That Look Like Blood Vessels

Image source: grafxguy1

#29 Buddha Wearing A Coat Or Cape? 

Image source: ScruffyTree

#30 Cat 3000 Heat Radiator

Image source: avantgardecats
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