These googly eyes look amazing!

They can be stuck to anything and will make it even more enjoyable. You’ve probably seen it done with rocks and bins. Although I don’t know how this trend began, it’s fun to see it because it will make your day. It is not a good idea to put anything on your cat. They can get upset if you give them cute clothes. However, they may also become agitated.

It’s an entirely different matter to put googly eyes on your butts. They won’t even notice that there’s something there. You will always have a good time looking at their butt. It’s not like we spend all day staring at their butts. However, you must admit that no one can resist their adorable furry booty. We have beautiful cat butts with big eyes for you to check out.

They do indeed look like elephants, which is something I doubt anyone would have discovered without this “experiment”. Scroll down to see a closer view.

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The only thing I’m curious about is the person who came up with this idea. The cat butts were all they saw, so they thought, “Hey, that looks like an elephant. I should put some eyes on that!” Or was this a happy accident? It seems unlikely that the eyes actually fell into that position. It’s hard to believe that this was even possible. I’d love to talk with the person who thought this up.

Please reach out to us via the comments if you’re that person. We would love to hear about your thoughts and explain this strange phenomenon.

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Do you ever look at your cat’s stomach with googly eyes? Please comment below. Don’t forget to share these photos with your friends, so they can have a good time.

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