People ranging from children to adults enjoy the comic series because it has an air of innocence with meaningful undertones. Everyone loves funny things and these series will provide the sense of humor for them. Addition to that, color, voice, and favorite characters are all developed to capture the interest of the everyone.

Can you remember the Ben Hed? The cartoonist who showed what would happen if humans flirted like animals? we are Happy to say that, Ben Hed has created another wonderful comic series. Therefore, we believe that you have to see it. This series is about the most unlikely friendship between a tiny kitty and a large dog.

Ben has expressed with “Bored Panda” that “Pixie is a tiny, joyful, energetic kitten and She’s innocent” She is Also “somewhat oblivious to the serious, dangerous stuff around her.”

Furthermore, There’s a German shepherd dog call Brutus and he has a very scary face. “He was adopted by Pixie’s owner after retiring as a Military Working Dog (MWD). Brutus, in many ways, is the exact opposite of Pixie. He’s… Seen things. He’s very serious and intimidating but he has a soft spot for Pixie, and does what he can to protect her from the harsh realities of the world around them.”

“Honestly, Pixie and Brutus were just another random comic idea I had while at work. I was never planning on making them a series, I just thought it would be a funny idea to introduce a cute little kitten to a big intimidating war dog. So I made the first Pixie and Brutus comic, and people liked it so much I Just kept making them.” Said, Ben,

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