About Exposed Aggregate

Homeowners looking at doing up their driveway, pool surroundings and even pathways have multiple options to choose from such asphalt, concrete and exposed aggregate. All these materials and construction methods have their advantages and disadvantages, making them a matter of choice based on your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Amongst the three discussed earlier, it’s exposed aggregate that gaining the maximum popularity and is the preferred choice of homeowners. It is a type of finish wherein; the top cement paste layer is removed to expose the aggregate underneath. It is also found to be better looking, highly durable, long lasting and slip-resistant which makes them ideal for installation around pool surfaces too.

In this blog, we will look at some of the important things you need to know about exposed aggregate and the benefits they offer.

#1. Wide Application Areas

Given the versatility of exposed aggregate and the different types of finishes it offers, it has a wide range of applications both for residential and commercial premises.

  • Patios: The patios play an important role in your house as they are designed for the entry of your family and guests into your house. They need not only look visually pleasing but also should be strong and durable to last you for years to come. By using exposed aggregate one can not only create colourful and well-designed looks for the patio, but also ensure that you don’t have to worry about repair or replacements in the coming days.
  • Driveways and parking points: If you own multiple vehicles, maybe a compact sedan and a bulky SUV, then you will definitely recognise the need to have a strong and sturdy driveway, which does not erode over time. Exposed aggregate driveways and parking spots can easily withstand the load of heavy vehicles without giving away or showing any signs of damage. Moreover, they are non-slippery which makes them perfect for use in cities that experience frequent rains.
  • Social breakout areas: If you are socially active and host get-togethers frequently, then you can consider hosting the event in an area that has exposed aggregate flooring for a more decorative and inviting look, as compared to grey asphalt surfaces.

#2. Easy to Maintain

Cracks and depressions are a common sight among asphalt driveways and pathways, making them an unfavourable choice. They also need more frequent maintenance as compared to exposed aggregate which is easy to clean and maintain.

It also does not lose color or form cracks when exposed to weathering factors such as sunlight and rain. To clean them, all you need to do is hose them with a water pipe and they would look as good as new. Since there’s no formation of weed and grass, you will also end up saving money on their maintenance in the long run.

#3. Highly Durable and Cost Effective in The Long Term

The strength of exposed aggregate is designed to withstand the heaviest of the loads. Unlike asphalt, is also does not flex due to prolonged exposure to the sun. They have high compressive strength due to the fact that they are fused together into a singular body, which also makes them abrasion-resistant and durable.

Due to these factors, surfaces created with exposed aggregate also require much less maintenance and upkeep, making them more cost-effective and economical over a period of time. 

About Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is the Preferred Choice for Durability and Beauty

Homeowners looking for a long term, durable and cost-effective flooring solution that will also enhance the beauty of their property can definitely consider exposed aggregate flooring. Also, with the availability of various colours and designs, you can select the one that compliments the surrounding and is aesthetic, thus enhancing the overall looks and beauty of your home and in turn increasing its market value.

Looking for more information about exposed aggregate, please visit here for further information.

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