Cats have always managed to get into an interesting story somehow or the other. This is a very sweet but strange story of how a cat ended up being hired for a hospital as a security guard.

This story is from Australia. The Epworth Hospital in Richmond, have been receiving this visitor for the entire past year. Its name is Elwood and it has been hanging around at the main entrance, watching people go in and out. He was interested in watching people while he also received quite a petting. When he gets bored, he strolls around but never far from his position. This took place for a year, so someone recently has decided to gift him a tag that looks like the security ID of the security company that covers the hospital. Scroll down to know more and share your comments down in the comments section.More info & Photo courtesy: PawsPlanet


Mr. Trollip, a Pathologist at this hospital always adored this cat and now its his best friend at work. No matter how bad the day goes, all the stress goes away when Elwood comes up. The stations that Elwood cover are the front entrance, the drive way and the bushes up in the front.




This cat reminds how important morning sun is by sunbathing every now and then by the bushes. So, one might say that Elwood is much more than just a security guard.



This cat is not a stray cat but it lives down a street with its family. Elwood just walk to the hospital for work every morning. Now it had its own credentials, stations, people to protect and now also owns an old kidney dish as his own plate for water or food. This is a motivational story for all those who are looking for jobs. Don’t worry, keep trying and your time will come!




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2 years ago

good article..