Many of our parents have gone through hardships, but they have never failed us to provide us the best options with what they got. This is a story about how a student who graduated from college honored her parents who work in a farming field. 

Her name is Jennifer Rocha. She graduated from the University of California in San Diego. She took up a very hard schedule of following the college curriculum, helping her parents in the fields and also commuting back and forth between those two things. Even though it was not a typical lifestyle of her classmates, she knew what her parents sacrificed for her and how hard it was to earn it. With all this hard work paying off, she graduated college! Scroll down to read more of this story.Via: MyModernMet


Branden Rodriguez/@branden.shoots


Branden Rodriguez/@branden.shoots

Her parents came from Mexico to the USA. Although they couldn’t reach the American dream in life, they always mentioned the importance of good education to Jennifer. Understanding all of it, Jennifer put her best into helping their parents and graduating as well. 

Since she has achieved her goal of graduating. She plans to pursue a career in law enforcement. Also, she did a very touching gesture of taking her graduation photos with her parents, in the very field that they all worked to make a living.

When we buy a vegetable from the supermarket, it is not just a part of some harvest. That is a result of someone’s honest effort in trying to make a living and to give the best to their loved ones.


Branden Rodriguez/@branden.shoots


Branden Rodriguez/@branden.shoots

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Branden Rodriguez/@branden.shoots
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