Almost every body have pets at their homes, to love and to be loved. But who would adopt a BEAR, inside their home. Meet this Russian couple, the Panteleenkos. Svetlana and Yuriy have a heart so big that they found the bear as a cub, 23 years ago in a state that they didn’t want it to be left alone for the hunters to be found.

When it were taken under the care of the Panteleenkos, the cub was around 3 months of age. The couple saved, groomed and nurtured the cub, giving it a name as well. The cub got named Stephan! Now, 23 years later, the bear is a grown adult of a huge size. But it still lives and hangs around with Yuriy and Svetlana. Check out these awesome pictures of Stephan being an adorable pet with two of his favourite humans and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!More info & Photo courtesy:



Stephan is now grown into a fluffy and full grown bear weighing over 300 pounds and standing all around 7 feet in height. But for the Panteleenkos, it is still the helpless little cub they found in the woods 23 years ago.




Stephan likes to eat a lot of fish, egg and milk, sometimes up to 25kg in food per day. He also loves to play around his adopting parents and also to pose for pictures as well! He has never been acting aggressive. What he loves doing is to cuddle next to his adopting parents and watch TV together!




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