Recently, a little girl “Skylar” shocked her father after receiving a call from her class teacher. It was not something relating to skipping classes or cheating on a test. But Skylar has told that her teacher that her parents were growing weed.

“No, she hadn’t been caught cheating on her test, bullying, skipping class or anything like that, she had simply told a controversial truth about her home life: her parents were growing weed,” Teacher said.

The teacher was expecting an explanation from Skylar’s parents after what the teacher has heard from this little girl.

However, Skylar’s father decided to confront about what exactly his daughter had said, and why?

This amazing video explains, what exactly Skylar has meant, and led daddy to the incriminating ‘stash,’ which was not exactly what her teacher had in mind!

Scroll down to check this hilarious misunderstanding for yourself.