The animal world is known for being extremely caring about their young ones and also universal love in general. But this is one of those moments which you will recall or tell your friends every now and then. This is a news coming from Monterey Bay, California. Captured by a wildlife enthusiast and Photographer, Suzi Eszterhas, prepare yourselves to witness a truly beautiful moment.

The 40 year old and very well experienced photographer was amazed and touched to see that a mother otter was seem to be floating with her baby on her belly, which was off the water. Scroll down to read more of the story and comment down your ideas below in the comments section below.More info & Photo courtesy: CatsMyLife


She was keeping her baby safely dry and warm while she hovers above the water. This well experienced photographer was shocked to see this Otter mother’s warm love for her sweet little baby.


The Otter mom would dip under the water to grab some food that is reachable while keeping her baby on the surface as it loved to be. This showed the purest form of love coming from the animal kingdom.


Even though Suzi used a long range lens to capture this adorable moment, the Otter mother has already seen her. Even if Otters are usually a shy and secluded type of animal, this Otter mother kept the baby on the surface, near to Suzi and dived into the water in search of food.

This wildlife photographer automatically got promoted from photographer to baby sitter while the mom returned.


#5. Check out this adorable video!

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