In the modern day corporate world, there seems to be a massive labor shortage. A lot of companies that had their franchise all over the countries are closing down and limiting services due to this fact. With the arrival of this global pandemic, the employees have secluded into their homes and now the companies do not get people, even to show up at an interview!

The reason for this was also caused by the Pandemic and this TikTok user has explained it to make everyone clear on the fact. Also, it does make sense. Please scroll down to read more about this reason for the present day labor shortage.More info & Photo courtesy: TikTok





Meet TikTok user j.dkon, he made a TikTok video explaining this corporate crisis and it went viral since so many could relate to his video. In it, he said that the modern-day corporate world had been practicing to extract the maximum out of an employee without any relief. Low wages, hard and long hours, treating them in a very poor manner and their jobs were also taken away with no notice when the Pandemic arrived initially with no relief.



When people were left at their homes, they found their passion and started working on what they really enjoyed. Small businesses, online working and many other opportunities arose. Now people get to work in their comfort, doing what they are really passionate about, making more money and also not getting a treatment like trash by their employers.

These are the reasons that j.dkon showed Bored Panda as to what caused this huge employee crisis. No one wants to go back to struggle for minimum wage.









Check out the video that reached more than 270K views on TikTok.


@j.dkon##stitch with @pizam2000 our workforce needs to change and the economy is going to evolve♬ Thirst (Eat the Rich) – Lil Guillotine

This is how people reacted to the video.


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