Everyone has seen those romantic movies where a woman stays loyal and waits her guy to decide what he exactly wants his life. And where a guy becomes success in his life and sudden realizes that he loves her truly and decides to live his life with her while achieving every goal that he dreamed about. We all know it sounds great but it’s time to wake up and see the truth. All those things will be well included in a romantic movie that goes till 2, 3 hours. But real life is totally different than this.

The woman you love will give you thousand chances. She will do that just because she believes in you. She believes you can change, grow and reach your highest points. And finally become a better version of yourself. She will be a person who has a lot of patience just because of you. Just for you. Yet, if you blow the chance that she gave, she will leave you, because when this woman is done. She is done.

Once she realizes that her life is much better without you in it, draining her energy and wasting her time, don’t doubt that she’ll walk away. She’ll know that you’re not worth her tears. You can make changes to your physical appearance, habits, attitudes, or career, but nothing of these can make her change her mind about you

And if you think you can justify yourself by saying that “If she couldn’t handle me at my worst, she doesn’t deserve me at my best” cliché, know that it’s in vain. No one has to put up with their partner’s bullsh*t and no one deserves to have a life full of drama and stress just because he/she doesn’t want to take responsibility when they did a wrongdoings.

You might think that her decision was selfish, but don’t forget that your behavior made her to do so and that’s why she decided to finish her chapter with you and move on.

It’s as simple as that. You can’t keep someone waiting for you until you decide what you really want in life. You can’t expect someone to devote all their attention and energy to you when you don’t even put the any effort into the relationship.

You might find a one who will be with you when you get your life together. But the real problem is she doesn’t know the real struggles which you went through or your flaws, insecurities may be she won’t help you out with all those things like your ex did. You will not find someone who will be willing to help you fight with your own demons just like she was.

Then you will regret that you lose her. She is the one who has seen your darkest sides and still choose to be by your side. She is the one who was with you through thick and thin and always tolerate you. She had a unique heart and she loved you unconditionally. You will regret that you didn’t give her a value. Even though she gave you everything she had you took her for granted and that broke her heart so badly.

You thought that she has no other options. You thought she would give chances always but you were wrong. She has given you so many chances and now she is done. She is enough of your excuses or your drama. She will realize that she deserves something more than that and finally she will turn the page.

She will find someone who knows how to love her and cherish her. She will find someone who knows her value and appreciate her. And then she will feel free and alive again.