Real Estate is in high demand and it is very hard to find a property worth its deal. In an era where people have to scout so much before buying a property, one man had luck dropped on his lap.

That man is 35 year old John Reynolds. Working as a nurse, he bought a 3 bedroom house for $20,000 to fix it and flip it back to the market to make some profit. But little did he know that he was about to change his mind. He just hit the bullseye with a splash to it! Scroll down to read more about this lucky guy!More info & Photo courtesy: Mercury Press & Media Ltd


Mercury Press & Media Ltd

Reynolds was checking out the property as he stumbled across a filled up swimming pool in the backyard! The pool alone is estimated to be worth around $140,000. He forgot his initial plan to sell the house and started to renovate this newly discovered pool.


Mercury Press & Media Ltd


Mercury Press & Media Ltd

To fix the pool completely, it took Reynolds a little over a year and it cost him around $10,000. With all the expenses cut off, he still has gained an amazing pool for free and the property’s worth has just skyrocketed. But, Reynolds has no ideas of selling it. He currently spends his days in his new house and its pool.


Mercury Press & Media Ltd


Mercury Press & Media Ltd


Mercury Press & Media Ltd

Although there are people commenting both positive and negative things about this story. Reynolds does not care since he just got gifted a pool and his property’s price went so high in a scale he did not even expect.

So here are some comments people have dropped. Feel free to drop your own comments to express your ideas on this article to us.


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