This is a rather strange story about a strange looking kitten. Nashville cat rescue received two orphaned kittens found in a construction site. After bringing these two kittens in, the team checked them up and put them with two mamma cats who were in the rescue shelter.

These kittens were around 2-3 weeks old and they got along with the mamma cats really well. The peculiar incident is that the rescuers noticed one kitten looked strange. It was named Apricot and it has two distinctive fur coats on either hide of his face. This looked as if there were two kittens sharing the same face. Experts recognize this as genetic chimera, which is a rare gene mutation how Apricot got its face so unique. Check out the collection of photos below and share your thoughts in the comment section below!More info & Photo courtesy: Nashville cat rescueInstagram | Facebook







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3 years ago

Don’t think the kitten should be held up in that way – it looks uncomfortable – don’t you get training in handling animals at the shelter??