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Recently, archaeologists have unearthed a temple where ancients have carved through mountain rock. This temple is located in Elora, Maharashtra, India, the temple has two names, some people call it as Kailasa and others calls it as Kailash. Most of the Hindu people are visiting this temple for blessings. This was ordered to be built by King Krishna I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty in ancient India.

Archaeologists Baffled By The Kailasa Temple

The Kailasa Temple

It forms part of a temple complex of 34 cave temples which were of similar construct.

The Construction

inside of The Kailasa Temple

This temple is a remarkable place because Unlike many temples that were built from the ground up, this Hindu temple was carved out straight from the rock of a mountain. For further creativity, a staggering 400,000 tonnes of rock were excavated and hauled out. During the construction of the temple.

This temple was created around 8th century A.D, and it is fascinating that the technology of the period could have contributed to such a significant construction task. When looking at the scope of the construction, it is curious that it may have taken so many years to complete this amazing temple. However, according to scientists, it took less than 18 years to finish.

According to ancient code, It is estimated that around 60 tons of rock were removed each day during the temple’s initial construction phase. It is believed that the builders worked for more than twelve hours a day, hauling around 5 tons of rock (average) out from the mountain each hour. Future more, scientists are still unable to discover how the constructions methods used in conjunction with the tools available during the period and were left baffled at the scope of the operation.



The Kailasa temple is one the of 34 monasteries and temples which span over an area of 2 kilometers. As they were all cut out of the mountainside, they are cooperatively known as the Elora caves, carved out from a basalt cliff.

Kailasa temple has a 98 feet (Height) and 109 feet wide. It was also 164 feet as the depth. It probably one of the biggest known structures of its kind on the planet. As the entrance of the temple, it faces the west. What is remarkable about the entrance is the degree of accuracy of its facing, giving it a 270-275 degree on a compass.

The temple is devoted to the worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, and divinities of both lords align the inside of the temple. Three story arcades line the perimeter of the courtyard and showing many sculptures and panels of wonderful attractiveness and design.

It is possible that whoever built these creative caves thousands of years ago certainly had more than just ordinary hammers, chisels, and picks. All these facts make the Kailasa unique and different from other temples.

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