We as a society are Judgmental to see body hair on women automatically associated with ugly. Not feminine. But funnily enough, it continues to grow, So we shave or wax on a regular basis, Therefore we start removal habit from our teenage , spending time and money in salons

Secretary Sonia Cytrowska, 28, from Gdynia, Poland She has  started to remove her body hair when she was 12 Years old,

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She has revealed that She would spend at least three hours every week trying to stay smooth, Which she has put her self down and insecure about her natural look.Somehow, A year ago Sonia made her final decision to stop shaving after she understood  that she was removing her hair purely to accept by others.

So then she has started sharing pictures of her natural body trough Instagram under the hashtag #bodyhairmovement and has gained over 7,000 followers.

So She say    “YES”… I still have a problem with accepting my hairy legs. They are so hairy that sometimes I feel like a guy.”

However, she quickly turned the post around, and pointed out that she’s just living life in the body she was given.

“But wait a minute! I am 100% woman and it’s not my fault that Mother Nature made me like this. Why I am ashamed of myself?! My hormones are perfectly fine, so is there any reason that I should feel less feminine?! I am still on my way to unconditional love for myself.

It is still something that needs to be acknowledged  although many may assume that hair on people associated with ugly and this can often be the case as a girl.

She has revealed that she hasn’t shaved her body hair in a year  and thankful to her  husband for accepting her the way she is.    She says ” Initially her husband did not like it much. Because her husband  prefers a shaved appearance and then she has talked a lot and explained to him that it is important for her , to live with her natural body hair and he has  decided to accept her  and support her.

Her biggest dream is to see women shaved and women with unshaved body hair in the streets of big cities in the world.

‘Both women has to be accepted by each other, because what they do with their body is their choice to make.