Nature and its wildlife is a beautiful creation where you get to see different things that are so wonderful. The animals that live in the wild have different complex and different living patterns that we often find very interesting. Among the animals that live in the wild, there are many that we haven’t even seen.

One such animal that lives in the wild which almost everyone is familiar is the fox. But have you ever seen foxes with different shades? Though you know the red fox that is a lot common there are foxes that have different shades. Thanks to Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya we get the chance to see these amazing shades of the fox. Scroll to know more about these amazing foxes with different shades.

More info & Photo courtesy:Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya | Facebook | Instagram


These beautiful foxes with different shades look amazing. Anastasiya who is a photographer based in Moscow had captured an image of these amazing animals with three stunning women. The image where these three ladies hold the foxes with different three shades was given the title Autumn Equinox.


As you can see in the image the first white colored fox is a white arctic fox then is a red fox that had a bit of white on the tip of the tail and at last, is a stunning silver fox that has a coat of black/grey color. The beautiful ladies also match with these amazing animals the color of their hair is the same as the shades that the foxes have.


Not just the hair but the dresses also match the colors. The photographer also loves the complex, elaborate images, lovely dresses, and accessories. Also loves shooting with animals. Not just these foxes she had also worked with animals like swans, bears, and horses. All these wild animals look so calm near the humans and seem fine with being photographed too.


The reason why these animals are so tamed is that they were born and were raised in protective national parks. Due to that, they are quite familiar with humans. Down below are some more amazing photographs of animals taken by Anastasiya, scroll to see them. And also you can see more of her work from her Instagram. And make sure to leave a comment saying what you think about these amazing images.



#7 Other than foxes she has also worked with many animals


h/t: [Reddit]

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