The constant stereotype is still believed by many that whenever dogs and cats get together they only fight. But the fact is that both of them are friendly and loyal pets who only get along well with time. You should probably be more concerned about keeping your pets in good health with regular pet visits, proper grooming and good pet insurance, rather than worrying about whether they will get along together nicely. You can also consider that felines or canines can share the same plate or live harmoniously together under the same roof. At one point, both of them can get stiff with their attitude but still, you can explore their friendliness towards each other. The best and a successful spot to start with are definitely dogs.

Talking about the canine

Under the general socialization period, small dogs who are introducing cats easily learn about them in a short span of time. In this way, they will remain friendly with cats in their adult life as well. Well, this is not the same situation if you are dealing with more than one dog against a single cat because it can create issues for you. If your dog is interested in predatory behavior then it is sure that you will chase other animals too. Regarding the feeding habits, you can develop it with the best dry dog food for small dogs to check for it in small puppies.

Let us talk about feline now

Once your dogs have learned and deemed as good companions you can work with kitty. If you haven’t already bought 1 at home then you can consider the cat that is still in her socialization period because this way you can raise her along with your dog. With the gradual passage of time both of them will learn each other’s gestures and body language and will find a spot to engage in a friendly manner since the beginning. If you are not sure about the history of cat then always go for a calm cat that has an ideal mellow disposition and low response towards the fight. Remember the most fearful cat is more likely she will back-off if someone scares her this will elicit the anger response from your dog. While with dogs the fact is quite contrasting.

Introduction and behavioral adaptations

Whenever you bring pets home carefully choose the kitty because it is important for a cat to have a gradual and supervised introduction understanding with dogs. You can segment the areas for both of them where they can have safe retreats whenever required. Also, understand their appetite and make sure they never run after one other when hungry. For kitties, you can have high-quality food and so is the best dry dog food for small dogs because dry foods are easy to opt for small puppies.

Never rush

Never, I repeat never let your dog chase after your cat or vice versa (if the dog is too young). For the initial time period keep both of them separate and proceed with extremely small gestures and introduction. Because unlike humans, animals have a different understanding with the introduction and learning of each other’s smell to know about different animals. If you force them to be friendly or engage in some acts they might end up fighting or scratching each other.

Shower equal love upon both

It is one of the most obvious and incredible nature of pets that they get jealous when the new one arrives in the home and gets more attention as compared to them. You have to equally love both of them and make sure they don’t get the feeling of jealous or misery all along. Help them understand that both of the pets are loved by you and no one’s feared.

Bottom line

Replacing the traditional thoughts under confident and supervised disposition it is possible to have a cat and a dog under the same premises. You just have to check about their appetites, response towards each other and naturally relaxed behavior. So if you are in the dilemma of getting a cat but the dog won’t like it or bringing home a dog but the cat won’t like it, then it is time to polish up your thoughts. By paying some efforts and attention to both of them you can help them develop an adjusting nature towards each other living friendly and together.

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