Well, as far as makeup is concerned, the struggle is real. You have to be careful when picking the right foundation. The foundation that you pick should not only match your skin type but also go with your skin color. Given the multitude of options, it can get a bit overwhelming. But it is important to be careful. However, the good thing about a foundation is that when it is used accurately, it can assure better and radiating goodness. But, the very same makeup product, if not applied properly, can look disastrous. So, here we have come up with a few tips to help you buy the right type of foundation for your skin. It will be useful to ensure that you don’t spend moolah on wrong buying and then rebuying.

Get the Right Shade of Foundation

All of us have a vague idea of our skin tone. However, unfortunately, since it is vague, the reality could be much different. You might think that you could go online and pick the right shade for yourself, but sadly this is not true. Sonya, who works with TFTHsays that every time she switches to a new foundation brand, she always goes to a store for shade testing. Well, this is the perfect way to do it. If you are buying a particular shade of foundation for the first time, you should always buy it after testing it out. The safest area for foundation testing is your jawline or the neck. On applying on the jawline or neck, if it looks flawless, and blends just right without making you look like a ghost, or someone who has a gray paint on, then that’s your shade. The objective of the right shade of foundation is not to change your skin color. It is, rather, to make your skin look more radiating and smoother. If the foundation makes you lighter or darker than you already are, then it isn’t the right shade for you. In any case, if you are confused between two closely related shades, then you should go for the one that’s more on the darker side. If the shade is too light, it can make your entire makeup look chalky. The most effective way to ensure that you have picked the right shade of foundation is when you apply the foundation on the face, and it seems like you haven’t applied any product on the face. Your face after foundation should look glowing, flawless, and brighter, and not darker or lighter. So, you should check the shade in the natural light to ensure that it is just perfect for your complexion. Also, please know that our skin does get a tad bit darker in the summers, so be prepared to tweak it a bit then.

Right Shade of Foundation

Identify Your Undertone

Further, your undertone, too, plays a pivotal role in helping you decide the right shade of foundation. For this, you should look at your bare skin closely. Try to examine all the areas that haven’t been exposed to any type of sun damage. Do you see any hints of gold or yellow? Does the skin look darker, but does not burn in the sun easily? If yes, then you are from the warm undertone category. On the other hand, if you notice pinkish undertones and your skin tends to burn easily, then that means that you have a cooler undertone. In addition to these two, there’s also a third undertone, which is the combination of the yellow and the pink tones. In this undertone, the skin might get darker sometimes and also burn. If that’s the case, then you have a neutral undertone. If this does not help, take a look at your vein color. Those with greener veins have a warm undertone, while those with blueish or purple veins have cool undertones. So, now, once you have analyzed your undertone, you have to pick your foundation accordingly. Those with warm undertones should opt for yellow-based foundations, while the cooler undertones should go with a pink-based foundation. Ayesha, an associate, with TopAssignmentExperts and a makeup fanatic, says that she has a neutral undertone, so she usually mixes both yellow-based and pink-based foundations for a perfect shade.

Pick the Perfect Finish

How your foundation will look on you depends on the formula. So, for every skin type – dry, oily, or combination, there’s the right texture. Rihanna, who is a yoga instructor and offers the best online yoga classessays that since her face gets sweaty and oily easily, she always picks the matte foundation. Similarly, for those of you, who have dry skin, a hydrating foundation would do the drill. On the other hand, if you have combination skin, you can go with a mousse foundation.

Do a Swatch Test

Natasha, a reviewer who does reviews for online portals and recently did a ThanksForTheHelp Reviewsays that she never buys a foundation by doing a swatch test on the hand because her face complexion is at least two tones lighter than her hands. Hence, you should swatch on your jawline or neck, and not just test the shade in the store light, but rather come out and see how it is looking in natural light before buying.

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