The summer holidays are around the corner, and you’re wondering where you can travel to. As a student, you should make use of your summer breaks to see the world. Even if the trip is not academics oriented, you learn a lot by going to new places. 

Travelling can be a challenge for many college students because most of their money goes to paying tuition fees and buying semester supplies. However, you can still find affordable ways to travel that ensure you don’t overextend yourself. 

You could always plan trips with a group of friends to cut costs. Besides, traveling with the people closest to you makes the experience more surreal. It’s always a good thing to share beautiful moments with the people you care about. 

If you love the beach, you have a wide selection of holiday destinations to choose from. You get to take a break from your college routine and relax. 

Even as you are on holiday, don’t forget to work on your college papers. Being in touch with your academic performance at all times ensures that you maintain an above-average performance.

  • Understand you’re a Traveler not a Tourist 

Even though in both cases, you visit new places with the intention of exploring, there is a big difference between a traveler and a tourist. As a traveler, you spend way less than a tourist. 

You need to really think about what you’re spending your money on because you don’t have much to go around. You need to be strategic about the times you visit different places so that you enjoy free hours and free admission days. 

Even though it’s always a good idea to come back home for a souvenir, understand that you cannot afford to buy one for everybody. 

  • Choose Affordable Flights 

 Using the airport during holiday seasons is a bad idea because flights are expensive. You’re better off traveling during off-peak seasons because even the queues are much shorter. The best part is, even hotels cut down accommodation rates when people are hardly traveling. 

  • Be Flexible with Your Destinations 

The place you want to visit this coming summer break is not set on stone. If the rates are too high, feel free to try out other options. When you’re flexible with your destinations, you’ll hardly get disappointed. After all, there is no knowing what experiences a place holds until you visit.

  • You’ve got to be Accommodation Savvy 

Did you know there are hotels that allow you to stay for free if you helped out with cleaning and other customer service responsibilities? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to pay for your accommodation throughout your visit? Well, being accommodation savvy ensures you the extra money to seek worthy experiences. That said, ensure you don’t go for a hotel that puts your health at risk in the name of saving money. 

  • Join a Volunteering Program 

As an empath who loves positively impacting people’s lives, you should consider signing up for a volunteering program. These noble courses allow you to travel abroad and work with less fortunate communities. Such opportunities are excellent for learning about different cultures. 

  • Plan in Advance 

If you’d like to travel when schools close, it’s advisable to start saving for your trip as soon as schools open. This way, by the time schools, close, you have enough money to make your dream come true. Planning in advance gives you the luxury of choosing which destination you want to visit.

  • Travel as a Group 

When you travel as a group, you get to cut down on costs significantly. Make sure you check on all friends to ensure each one is saving up for the trip. This way, you don’t get freeloaders who make surviving through the entire trip difficult. 

  • Sign up for Price Alerts 

Visit reputable travel sites and sign up for price alerts, so that good deals don’t pass you by. As a student with such a busy schedule, you can easily forget to check on prices for different trip options. 

You need to travel because visiting new places allows you to network and interact with the world. 

  • Save Money on Food 

The place you eat determines how fast the money you have will run out. Instead of eating at expensive restaurants, find affordable cafés that allow you to interact with locals. Local cafés might not be posh, but their customer services are excellent. 

  •  Look out for Hidden Fees 

Each time you sign up for a package, make sure you look out for hidden fees. They usually accumulate and end up making your trip more expensive than you had anticipated. Carefully read the terms and conditions and inquire in case you need something clarified.


As a student, you need to find ways to travel on a budget. Traveling with friends ensures that you cut costs. Make sure you don’t settle for an unhygienic hotel in the name of cutting costs. 

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