Many girls, and now some guys are fond of makeup. After all, makeup is not necessarily a mask on the face of a ton of creams and powders. Now makeup can be easy, and complement your natural beauty. 

Makeup Life Hacks

The most important element that will decorate you in any weather and any outfit is a smile and a good mood. If you are not in a good mood, then take a look at the website. 

Well, we will start the top of the most interesting and useful life hacks for makeup.

Life Hacks 

  1. Lengthening mascara is an indispensable tool to visually make the eyes bigger. Carefully color the eyelashes, moving from the roots to the tips and slightly twisting them to create a beautiful bend. Separate the clumpy eyelashes with a brush and remove excess mascara. For evening makeup, glue a few false eyelashes to the outer corners of the eyes, and for a more natural daytime use brown mascara.
  2. Excess hairs over the eyes will look careless and reduce the space around the eyes, so do not forget to pluck and adjust the eyebrows in time. To make the makeup look harmonious, paint the bald spots in the eyebrows with a pencil or shadows and shape them with a transparent gel.
  3. You can get radiant skin, like the models at the Victoria’s Secret shows, without resorting to expensive body oils and shimmers. If you have unnecessary golden shadows or a favorite, but broken bronzer, give them a second life by simply mixing them with any baby oil spray. After applying this spray, your skin will look fresh and radiant.
  4. To achieve the additional volume of eyelashes, you can use regular face powder. After you have applied the first layer of mascara, use a brush or cotton swab to apply a thin layer of powder to the eyelashes, and then cover them with a second layer of mascara.
  5. To achieve the effect of thick eyebrows, you can use a little trick from makeup artists. When you lay your eyebrows with colored gel or eyebrow wax, press the hairs to the skin immediately after application, without waiting for the product to dry. Dyed hairs will be imprinted on the skin and create a natural extra volume.
  6. Simple eye drops can save you from an insidious pimple that popped out at the most inopportune moment. Just as they help to get rid of the redness of the eyes by narrowing the capillaries, this SOS remedy will help to temporarily reduce redness from inflammation on the skin. This method should not be used on an ongoing basis.
  7. You can make your lips visually plumper with the help of a facial sculptor and a thin brush. The trick that is often used to make up stars on the carpet is to create additional volume by drawing a shadow under the lower and above the upper lip. After retreating 2-3 mm, draw a very thin line where it is indicated on the diagram, and for greater effect, add a highlighter along the contour of the upper lip.

Makeup Life Hacks

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