Sports have been a mode of athletism and entertainment for a long time in human history. And in the present, the Olympics is the epitome event in the world of sports. The world unites to compete and share the unity of sports all over the globe. But recently in the 2021 Olympics held in Japan, there have been new making events that have been making international news on common issues of the world.

This is about the German Gymnastic team which refused to wear leotards. If you are confused, Leotards are the costumes that the gymnasts wear during their performance, which has a high waist cut with no legs on the dress. This was refused by the German team, saying that the costumed sexualized women and it makes them uncomfortable. Scroll down to read more.

#1. The new Unitatd for the German team.

Pauline Schaefer


Sarah Voss

Instead of Leotards, the German team wore full-body Unitards, which is a full-body covering, one-piece sportswear. They preferred it since they saw the leotards to be offensive to the women and they would be less confident and comfortable in them.

There have been discussions going on about clothing, sexualizing and so on at the Olympics this time. Some people see it as the world standing up against conventional traditions while others see it as people trying to disrupt the unity of sportsmanship by addressing other issues over the sports events. There was a recent event in this same Olympic games where the Norwegian beach volleyball team got fined for attires out of the rule books.

Scroll down to see the pictures of this controversial event and leave your ideas about this in the comments section below.

#3. German Gymnast With Two Brazilian Gymnasts.

Sarah Voss


Pauline Schaefer


Pauline Schaefer


Pauline Schaefer


Elisabeth Seitz


Kim Bui


Elisabeth Seitz

#10. Team USA.

Sunisa Lee

#11. Team Italy.

Lara Mori

#12. Team Japan.

Aiko Sugihara








Pauline Schaefer

#17. The Norwegian Beach Handball team with their choice of outfits.

Norges Håndballforbund

#18. The Norwegian Beach Handball team at the last Olympics.

Norway beach handball women
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