Here is a list of peculiar-looking trees that seems to be something else. This makes us very confusing and puzzling.

It seems like nature has been created in a hilarious way that would make us laugh. Scroll down check why it is funny.

1. A tree where it has a face and a beard.

2. Seems like a Devil Tree

3. Scary eyes though

4. The tree looks like a dragon

5. Oops, very horny

6. Seems like an ant

7. Tree Rex

8. Tree with a huge nose

9. The owl is hiding inside the tree

10. Here the Tree butts

11. It’s kissing time

12. Surprise!

13. Child first friend is Tree

14. Are they broccoli trees? LOL

15. A Tree Looks Like A Dragon Skull

16. Ninja Tree, mutant powers

17. Meal Time

18. Why so sad?

19. The tree is going to Eat the Moon!

20. Cthulhu Stump

21. Tree with many eyes

22. This Tree Was Gusted Off In A Storm. See! It Looks Like A Dude Out For A Stroll

23. Tree Appearances Like A Moose

24. Confused when someone approached

25. Face In A Tree

26. Angel Tree

27. Tree Looks Like A Dragon

28. It’s a Rooster

29. Humorous Tree


30. Look likes a dog

31. Baby Face

32. Appearance In Sycamore Tree

33. The Appearances Of Trees

34. Tree with face

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