Yet another warning of a tsunami has been exuded subsequent to a massive earthquake of 7.1 magnitude in Indonesia.

According to Indonesia’s geophysics agency, the earthquake has hit in between the island of Sulawesi and North Maluku in the Molucca sea measuring 10 kilometers of depth.

As per, City of Ternate was in panic, people running around to the hills. The news put the city to chaos after a prediction of waves up to half a meter (1.6 feet) for the coastline in Ternate.

No fatalities or damages were reported right after the incident.

Slide for a few images from the Tsunami that took place in 2018

A Geological Survey carried out in the US measured a magnitude of 6.9 for the earthquake in the southeast of Manado, centering 185 kilometers (114.8 miles) and a depth of 24 kilometers (15 miles)-

Indonesia is inclined to earthquake and volcanic eruption ascribed to its location along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

In 2004 a vigorous quake and tsunami hit in the Indian Ocean killing a gross of 230,000 people in more than a dozen of countries, most being in Indonesia.

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