This is a wonderful news since two egg hatchings took place in Pittsburg within the same day. This is a very happy incident since the Bald Eagles are under conservation. The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania posted online the wonderful news of these two new born hatchlings.

The hatchlings have soft greyish fur on their bodies, which will later turn into black with a white head and tail. An interesting feature about these eagles are that the hatchlings will remain darker for around 5 years of age if they are pre-maturely born. This is for the parent birds to identify the hatchling that they have to give special attention to.More info & Photo courtesy: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania



With close relation to the American culture, the Bald Eagles are in danger of going extinct since people hunt them, both for sport and to protect fish. These Eagles prefer to have fish as their food, hence a lot of Eagle nests are around water bodies, but they also hunt small animals as well.

No matter how the nature collides with human civilization, we must always find a way to co-exist. Let’s hope the very best for the two hatchlings and the one remaining in their nest to be hatched.



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