The famous arts of Johannes Vermeer are admired by almost every artist in the world. But now everyone can especially admire Girl with a Pearl Earring  as two people from Hirox 3D digital Microscopy have scanned this masterpiece using a special device that can capture in ultra-high definition.

They had scanned at Mauritshuis using the Hirox 3D digital Microscope RH-2000. Emilien Leonhardt and Vincent Sabatier had captured about 9,100 pictures and had created a 10-billion pixel picture using them. These two had taken pictures in higher resolution than that in 10 special areas for the purpose of creating 3D maps.

it ‘s scanned really well so that even the pigments usd can be recognized. Abbie Vandivere the conservator and project leader at the Mauritshuis had said that he’s surprised about the high quality ultramarine the painter had used in the scarf and that the paint used was valuable; it was more costly than gold.More info & Photo courtesy: Hirox Europe | YouTube

#1. Picture was scanned using special equipment.

#2. Image they have captured.

#3. When zoomed in, it can see to the level of 4.4 microns per pixel.


#5. Check the video out!

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