The animal kingdom is a truly wonderful creation of nature which does not cease to amaze us every now and then. Here is yet another incident. Recently, in a Wild life park in South Africa, a strange baby elephant was caught in camera. It stood out from every elephant in the group because of its special appearance. The baby elephant was an albino.

Being an Albino animal is something that happens due to a genetic condition. This genetic condition takes away the melanin of our skin, causing any one to loose their color on the skin. Hence, the baby elephant appeared to be pinkish, which is very unlikely to be a color of an elephant.More info & Media courtesy: Pawsplanet


As you can see the baby elephant is totally pinkish. This pinkish nature can make its life harder surviving in the wild. The unusual color might give it skin burns and it can be spotted by predators quite easily in the wild.


Another issue observed among albino animals are that their own kind and herds might sometimes not accept them as their own kind or as one of their own herd. These are really challenging issues that this baby elephant has to grow up with.


There is another condition that leaves skin to be pinkish, just like being an albino. It is Leucism. How you can spot the difference is that being an albino, it affects your eye color as well and if its Leucism, it does not affect the color of the eyes.


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