In the light of the present pandemic situation, the scientists and the entire global health care services rushed in search of a remedy for the COVID-19 virus that has taken a huge toll on human lives. Multiple companies and countries have come up with a vaccine that will reduce the chance of getting the virus.

It is now being vaccinated to people at a pace since the vaccines are still developing to the virus that changes it strains once in a while. Among this situation, there is a set of people who refuse to get the vaccine. People call them the “Anit-vaxxers”. They accuse the governments to be using the vaccine as a tracking device which is planted in people’s bodies. There are number off such conspiracies going accusing the vaccines to be not what they are said to be. While the debate goes on, a Military Veteran addresses this issue on TikTok, for the public to get a bit of an insight. Scroll down to catch more of the story.More info & Media courtesy: Patrick Loller


He discuss the technological  issues and difficulties that he has witnessed inaction. The United States military is one of the greatest and the most funded projects in the world. Still they struggle to manage proper tracking and cordination on the battle feild. He asks the anti-vaxxers if they are that important than the country’s top priorities, that they can track their citizens  on day to day things such as how much time they spent at the Walmart. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.


@patricklollerI can’t wait to hear all the intelligent well thought out comments #military #vaccineswork #vaccines #veteran #funny

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The discussion continues.


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