The usage of 123Movies is safe to some extent as you surf anonymously on it but still you may be tracked by the IP address. If you may be caught out while pirating, not all the countries put strict prosecutions on such matters. Sometimes, instead of approaching the individual user, authoritative bodies go after the people distributing such content. But, as still a chance of being exposed exists while surfing through 123 movies (by IP address), then what would you do to be completely safe??? How you must use 123Movies to access your favorite video content safely???  Moreover, is it dangerous to use 123Movies or what security risks it poses to your computer??? In this blog, we would provide you a guideline along with the harm you could bear if you show any carelessness.  

Is it dangerous to use 123Movies?

Watch 123Movies Safely In 2020

The legality of using 123Movies has been cleared but we have not touched the possible security risks that may occur upon this site’s usage. Having a look at the safety risks that may occur due to 123Movies’ usage, it is hard to give a clear-cut statement about it in yes or no. These things depend on some important factors mostly controlled by the person hosting the website. 

Such complication arises because of the blockage of the official website of 123Movies in 2018. We know that the official version of 123Movies is no more active, but the only way to access its databases is through its copies, also known as mirrors. Such mirrors are hosted and controlled by a third party that doesn’t have to or had been involved in the original 123Movies website. 

What does the involvement of third-party mean??? It means that there’s no quality control over 123Movies. The host of the mirror website can inject malware into the site and can track some of your data.

You can use legal websites like “

The ways to be safe while using 123Movies:

using 123Movies

As there are so many copies of 123Movies, so it is difficult and confusing to select a safe and secure one. Diving into facts, some of the mirrors are safe while others are not. The only way to protect your data from such an attack is;

  • You must secure yourself with a VPN or Antivirus software
  • Another option is not to use 123Movies

Top 5 VPNs, you should use to be safe while streaming through 123Movies;

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. CyberGhost
  3. NordVPN
  4. SurfShark
  5. PIA

How to watch out mirrors for 123Movies???

As discussed earlier, the original version of 123Movies was taken down in March 2018. So, every site that resembles 123Movies in any case or uses its name after that is a mirror. These copies struggle hard to look original as much as possible. 

watch out mirrors for 123Movies

But the most terrible site or truth of it is that the mirror site can be hosted by anyone. As we’ve already told you, these mirrors could be used for spreading malware and extracting your private data. However, it is hard to report these mirrors to authoritative bodies. It means that if they are just taken down, these mirrors would back up under different names.  

How to stream through 123Movies safely???


As, the use of 123Movies is not allowed in many countries, but is some countries we cannot pardon it. Moreover, there are also some countries that allow you to use such streaming services (but only for personal use). 

Far from its permitted usage in some countries, you still need to protect yourself from unwanted malware, prying eyes, and malicious website hosts while using 123Movies mirror. We advise you to use antivirus software, and a VPN to protect your data privacy and device. These days, a VPN,  SurfShark is the most popular. The advantage of it is that;

  • The usage of such a VPN like SurfShakr will protect and hide all your internet and streaming activities from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and governments.   

Moreover, using antivirus software and VPN promises that you are adequately protected from malware and spying website admins. But it is still advised you to act according to the law of your country while pirating or downloading copyrighted content. If you don’t know what the rules are, you may get to a local expert on this matter. 

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