The sun of our solar system is a star, just like the millions stretched across the galaxy. It has a very powerful force and energy embedded in it. So powerful that it caused gigantic sets of planets to revolve around it.

There is another thing which is very powerful than a star, that is a black hole. It will suck up any energy, matter and time which comes within its reach. These two forces are present in the universe as we humans study them. But have you ever given the thought of what might possibly happen if a star meets a black hole? A German lab; ‘Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron’, which studies space and particle acceleration have animated a conceptual theory which was derived from a series of studies on this matter.More info and photo courtesy: YouTube


As this lab concludes, when a star arrives within the reach of a black hole it starts to swirl around the diameter of it resisting the pull. But when the blackhole sucks the star closer and closer, the atmospheric layer of that star destabilize and gets sucked into the black hole. When that happens, the unstable star lashes out energy and light into the space while it swirls around the black hole at a f=great force.

#2. Check out this incredibly animated concept!

The energy thrown off can travel long distances and it will be identified when the phenomenon occurs. The scientists say that only a very small amount of the star’s energy and light is sucked in. The rest if spat out with a great force as it spins around the black hole.

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