Happy Halloween to everyone! In this Halloween season, Ellen De Generes is doing some Spooky surprises. In every October, our favorite daytime television will scare most of the celebrities. This year also there have been no changes as usual. You can watch these hilarious videos in every Halloween season. Ellen is always doing something unique for us to have some sense of humor. Therefore, she has released some new footage which will make you laugh out loud.

“This year, I set up some empty TV boxes backstage and I waited for unsuspecting employees to walk by,” the host explains as per the latest video in above.
Ellen’s latest pranks are unimaginable because a ghoulish monster jumps from an empty box every time someone walks by, and the responses from the victims are irreplaceable.

There is an amazing moment of Krish Jenner because when she walks passing the box, she screams loudly and then falls to the ground in fear. Somehow, she finally gains her energy and comes back to normal. “I think I wet my pants!” She says

However, she is not the only victim who got scared of Ellen’s tricks. Ellen has a tradition of sending victims to a haunted house in Halloween Season. This year she sends her executive producer, Andy into a haunted house with someone famous by his side. Fortunately, the guest was supermodel author Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy entered the “The Purge Maze” at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. He fought to survive because of mannequins come to life and murderers armed with knives. The entire fright fest only lasts for six minutes. Please watch and enjoy yourself in this Halloween seasons.