Ashley Hesseltine, a well-known comedian, who is the creator of the Instagram page “Bros Being Basic” has very well understood about the concept of being ‘basic’. This began as an unkindly insult when normal middle-class white girls unknowingly started to follow high-class trends. As more girls started to follow these trends it became a famous subject and more people started to talk about it.

As time passed girls who were more familiar and loved pumpkin lattes, pouty selfies on Instagram, leggings and all other things started to unfollow those things and began to follow their basicness instead. As a main notable quality of ‘basic’ is not knowing that you are ‘basic’, this self-awareness leads them to an unpleasant situation insulting them completely. Because why should anyone see wrong in things which they have to choose to like?

Ashley stated in Bored Panda that “The reaction has been nothing but positive,” and “It almost feels more like paying homage to women instead of mocking them. I’m a female and a feminist, so I’m naturally able to create content that’s not going to be offensive to women, and on top of that, our awesome female followers are able to laugh at themselves and their own “basic” tendencies.”

“Parodies done in the right way are always funny, and the content is just so relatable to both sexes. And at the end of the day, a lot of the content isn’t even guys mocking girls — it’s them being themselves. Guys can be JUST as basic and thirsty as girls on Insta!”

When the ‘basic’ trend started to fly out in the society back in 2014 Ashley got the idea for this page “I had an idea for a post on my blog, What If Guys Acted Like Girls on Instagram?” she told us. “I recruited all my guy friends to create the photos for me, and when the blog started going viral, the idea for the Instagram account was born. I (with the help of my friend Travis May) launched the account on Thanksgiving Eve and it blew up immediately.”

Presently this page is coming out of the curtains as it is becoming popular (at the moment there are 865k followers and the counting is not yet stopped). I have previously included some of these pictures here and there. But I have decided to show more of these in a broad way. Scroll down and check them out. Please share your comments with us.

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Lynnette marie
Lynnette marie
1 year ago

This is great and funny. One complaint though, all the photos I see on my FB or Insta has someone with their tongue sticking out.