A splitting maul is a tool that is used in splitting wood. It is used in cutting wood along its grain. It is sometimes called a sledge axe, a block splitter, and a block buster. It looks like an axe but has a head that is broader than that of an axe. Averagely, a splitting maul weighs between 2.7 to 3.6kg. This, therefore, reduces the likelihood of it being stuck in a piece of wood during splitting.

A splitting maul is made up of two parts. A sharp part and a flatter part. The sharp part of the splitting maul plays a major role in splitting wood while the flatter part to create a wedge. This will wedge will complete the splitting process.

How to Use a Splitting Maul

Cutting woods in smaller bits with the use of a splitting maul is not difficult. It is an activity that follows a very simple process. If you have not mastered the art of chopping wood with a splitting maul, read on to find out how to use a splitting maul.

The first thing you need to do when looking to chop wood with the use of a splitting maul is to ensure that the wood to be chopped is the right size. When logs are shorter, it is a lot easier to chop them with the use of a splitting maul.

After getting the various logs of wood to be chopped to the right size, the next thing you have to do is prepare a chopping block. One of the easiest chopping blocks you can use when chopping wood with a splitting maul is a tree trunk. If the tree trunk is the wrong height, there is a huge likelihood that recoils will occur. If you can get your the logs to be chopped positioned about six inches from the ground, then, you most likely will have a great wood-chopping experience.

Certain people prefer splitting logs of wood on the ground. While doing this might save you the stress of getting a chopping block, you will get tired a lot faster if you follow this route.

Once you have your log properly positioned, take a close look at it and look out for hairline cracks. Once you locate these cracks, you should aim for them while splitting the log of wood. This way you can split the log of wood with a lot of ease. While at this, it is vital that you have a strategy as various woods do not split the same way.

Once you are certain on the part of the wood you want to split, rest your splitting maul on that area until you create an indentation. This indentation will serve as a guide to help you strike the right point. Once you have the right indentation on the log of wood, go ahead and strike the wood with the splitting maul.

When making use of a splitting maul, ensure your weaker arm holds the handle’s end.

While making use of a splitting maul as a beginner, there is a likelihood that you will not always get the spot you target. With this in mind, if you must miss while chopping a log of wood, ensure you do not miss on the farther side. If you do this, you will hit the log of wood with your splitting maul’s handle and this can have a bad impact on the handle.

To hit the spot you are aiming for, you should not move your maul like you want to hit such a spot. Rather, swing your splitting maul like you are trying to hit a spot ahead. The arc in the swing will cause you to hit the exact spot you are aiming for

Things to Avoid When Using a Splitting Maul

When making use of a splitting maul to chop wood, there will always be the temptation to use brute strength. Although doing this will work well, it will make you get tired very rapidly. Let your speed and momentum build over time and depend on the maul’s weight to make an impact.

Ensure Conditions are Safe

Making use of a splitting maul is not difficult. However, when conditions are unsafe, it could become really difficult. You must ensure the surface you are splitting wood on is even and dry. If uneven or slippery, you could get injured.

How Does a Splitting Maul Differ From an Axe?

Use a Splitting Maul to Chop Wood for Firewood

A splitting maul looks a lot like an axe. It, however, is not the same as an axe. There are major differences between both of them. The major difference between a splitting maul and an axe is the fact that a splitting maul is blunt and fat while an axe is thin and sharp. Due to this difference, axes are used in making wood chips and cutting across wood fibers while splitting mauls are used also wood fibers and is used in split logs of wood.

The second major difference between a splitting maul and an axe is weight. Splitting mauls are usually two times the weight of axes.

The final difference between a splitting maul and an axe is the length of their handles. All things being equal, the length of a splitting maul’s handle is longer than that if an axe. This way, when used in splitting wood, the handle of a splitting maul can get to the ground.

Does Making Use of a Splitting Maul have any Benefits?

Splitting mauls come with certain benefits. Some of these benefits are obvious. Some others are not too obvious. One of the obvious benefits of making use of a splitting maul is you get to exercise various parts of your body simultaneously. These exercises do not just make the body stronger. They also help in burning calories, thereby, making ye body look a lot better.

Another benefit of a splitting maul is it hardly breaks down. You can always count on it to last the test of time. In addition to not breaking down easily, you can always stay in touch with nature by doing something as simple as using a splitting maul to chop wood.

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