Jupiter is the planet associated with luck and good fortune. So whenever it’s in retrograde motion, many people worry that it would influence them negatively.

But is there really a need to fret when Jupiter appears to move in the opposite direction, especially if it’s during your birth month?

Well, it depends.

That said, we have the answers to the age-old question: what is Jupiter retrograde in the natal chart?

Jupiter Retrograde In The Natal Chart

Jupiter Retrograde in Your Birth Chart

Those born with Jupiter retrograde in their natal chart are wise and righteous.

Depending on the house placement of retrograde planets, you can work to seek a more profound truth. In the second house, it could mean one’s search for true values beyond the realm of worldly possessions.

Jupiter, a benevolent planet even during retrograde, helps people internalize their positive thoughts better. So if you have this in your astrological chart, you may find yourself backing out when everything goes overboard.

Jupiter retrograde means the capacity to seek personal thoughts. As such, those born this time are kind, generous, compassionate, reasonable, and self-aware.

Their journey towards this period, however, is not without challenges. Before they achieved growth, they lived a life of self-doubt in the past. As the wheel of fortune turns, it gives them the freedom to take a leap of faith. Although it seemed impossible, the planet has prepared them for this moment.

From this point forward, they gain the inner faith that puts them in a position to share their gifts with the world. They don’t care if they’re reciprocated, for they know that there’s a greater force that generally governs their lives.

What Happens When Jupiter Turns Retrograde?

Even if this retrograde does not occur in your birth chart, you may be wondering about the effects it has.

During the retrograde, planets appear to move backward. Although this is only an eye trick, Jupiter’s ‘illusion’ lasts for four months a year.

In astrology, retrograde represents an internal process corresponding to the planets and the zodiac sign they’re transiting.

For those with Jupiter in their natal chart, this means inner growth on a spiritual and philosophical level. In essence, it’s a time to realign oneself with truth and morality.

Jupiter Retrograde In The Natal Chart

The Effects of Jupiter Retrograde on Your Life

Depending on the area of transit, the retrograding planet will bring detours. In other words, it can give the person the opportunity to change directions. It’s all about taking a good look at the aspects that have prodded you to change course.

The effects also vary to the house where the retrograde activity occurs. This could be a time of philosophical questioning. For some, it’s a means to study spiritual, religious, and esoteric energy.

The retrograding Jupiter will help re-affirm your belief in yourself and a greater, higher being.

Since Jupiter can help you see things from a different perspective, it can help you uncover your hidden potentials. You can find yourself steering towards success and enjoying a life of abundance.

With Jupiter being the seeker, its retrograde activity means one thing: don’t hesitate to seek within oneself!

The Jupiter Retrograde and its Effects on Your Horoscope

Here’s how Jupiter retrograde may affect one’s astrology:


People with this sign are naturally competitive. Jupiter retrograding should force you to slow down.


It’s a time for you to reflect on your personal growth rather than your outer appearance. Remember that looks are not everything.


Similarly, Geminis are encouraged to seek within themselves to discover the truth.


You’re an empath, but you need to use analysis to better connect with others.


You can’t change everyone’s mind, but you have the power to restructure your own beliefs.


Let go of your strict, meticulous ways. It’s time to lay back and relax.


Jupiter is telling you to cut back on things that restrict you, even if you’re not used to doing so.


Take this time to ask for advice from people who can help you.


Since Jupiter is your ruling planet, you’ll feel the intense need to ponder on everything. Are they good enough, or are they wasting your time?


The retrograde is the perfect time to push your limits. If you’ve been delaying taking courses for so long, you’re free to do them now.


The planetary activity will make you think about the obstacles in your way.


Jupiter’s retrograde will give you so much energy! It’ll shed light on your finances, so you should take it as an opportunity to reevaluate your money habits.

Jupiter Retrograde In The Natal Chart

Now that you know what happens when the retrograde occurs in your natal chart, it’s time for you to make the most out of it. It’s the lucky planet, so this might rub on you!

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