Railways have been a significant means for transporting materials and people for well over a hundred years. In Japan, the main mode of transport passengers would be by railway. Out of 51, 45 busiest stations in the world are situated there. So it is very obvious that they do not stop technological development. In Japan, Railway benefits and comfort people’s lives in many ways.

We found some Japanese trains and wants to show you how they look inside.

Sunrise Express


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While many people pick to fly or take a bullet train, the still-popular overnight trains are an actual treat for international travelers. Why do you take a night train? These trains allow you to travel rapidly overland, arriving at your destination by the following morning. Also, you will be able to sleep while you travel, more securely than on an airplane or an overnight bus. If you are planning a visit to Japan, consider booking travel on one of these trains

First class

First class train
© Douglaspperkins / Wikimedia Commons © Douglaspperkins / Wikimedia Commons

This train is differing from modern trains because this train has as many as 6 types of accommodations.

Single Deluxe, or A class, looks like a convenient room for one person. It has a chair with a personal sink near the bed. It also has light and radio controls and a passenger gets slippers, a bathrobe, and a set of toiletries. By using compartments, it gives you free access to the shower. You get a feeling of a hotel while you are traveling on the train. If you want more privacy, then you will certainly like this separate compartment with lockable doors.

Second class

Second class Japanese Trains
© ウォルサム / Wikimedia Commons © W0746203-1 / Wikimedia Commons

Rest of the accommodation belongs to the class B. Sunrise Twin, Single Twin, Single, and Solo. In this, there are one or 2 people. Just because they are class B doesn’t mean that these types are much worse than in the first class. The doors also can be shut which creates an atmosphere of separation and suitability. It has the benefit of staying more people.

Isn’t fun to travel with your friends? We know what! Nobinobi


The final one would be Nobinobi sleeping area. It represents a single 2-level space with flat, rigid surfaces. Every sleeping space is separated from the others by small wooden walls The seats are sufficient for relaxed sleeping.

It’s a countless opportunity to feel like a local, encounter new people, and it benefits to engage you in the culture. Traditions of the country are valued.

6 minutes per shower

6 minutes train shower
© しんかわな / Wikimedia Commons © W0746203-1 / Wikipedia Commons

The train also has toilets, drink vending machines, smoking areas, and lounges on the train.

An uncommon and exciting thing happens in the shower. It’s pay as you shower, therefore, you need to buy a special card to take a shower. Water runs for 6 minutes while a countdown is displayed on the timer. So it is challengeable to wash all the shampoo and soap off before the time ends.

Are you interested to travel by train in Japan? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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