You need to know that engagement rings are a sign of true love and true commitment to the one you love! When thinking about that special day of marriage with your partner the engagement ring is of serious importance and there are lots of things to consider before making that purchase.

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself prior to shopping. It is always a good idea to ask these 7 questions prior to looking for the right jewelry.

  1. The color and shape of your engagement ring
  2. The price of your engagement ring
  3. Gold or silver colors and or both
  4. Traditionally used colorless diamonds
  5. A yellow diamond in the middle or other colored stone
  6. The size of the diamond
  7. The quality of the diamond

The options on the table for engagement rings are bountiful, and with plenty of opportunities for all tastes and budgets. Always important to have that budget ironed out prior to shopping. Do you want a colorless diamond ring, or do you want a yellow diamond ring? Know your partner and know the answer. Or maybe take your partner’s best friend to go shopping with you and help select the stone and setting. Yellow gold or silver gold is a biggie and needs to be established. Nothing could be more upsetting than investing in a ring and it not being what your other half loves and has dreamed of it being. Colorless diamonds are probably the most traditional and often used diamond stones in the world. You could always use a yellow diamond surrounded by colorless diamonds to set off its pure beauty. Again, just be sure that it will be loved and cherished prior to that purchase. The size of the diamond is another big decision and lends itself to the budget in some cases. What is more important to you: the largeness of the diamond stone or having it covered in smaller stones to enhance the look? The choice is yours and there are many, many custom options to choose from, and or have designed.

To be honest, there are many more questions you could ask yourself, however those basics will help you get started. It is a big purchase and a big decision to give an engagement ring to the one you love. It is a serious commitment to give a lover an engagement ring and a partnership for potentially and hopefully the rest of your life. Engagement rings are a sign of devotion, and a beginning of a lifetime commitment and lives shared to become one in many ways.

Is it of importance to you and your partner where the diamond was mined from? Maybe it is important and maybe it is not. Perhaps it is something to discover and look further into or maybe it does not matter much to you personally.

Engagement rings

Everyone has most likely heard things like; “Diamonds are forever”, as an engagement tagline. So be sure to do your homework and shop wisely with a reputable jewelry company. The best thing to do is cover the basics of planning and get on out there to shop online and or in the store to find a ring that you will be thrilled and proud of to give, while making that proposal. You will want your girl or guy to be in love with the ring and excited to say yes, when you pop the big question. Get that engagement ring that everyone will drool over and be stunned by its sheer beauty and prettiness. Go big or go home and splurge on the ring as you and your partner will have it forever and can pass it down to generations down the road. You may be leaving a family heirloom behind for the youngsters one day.

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