A strong woman says goodbye differently. She is not an ordinary woman. She won’t cry for hours. And she will not pointing fingers at you for your mistakes in the relationship. She will not force you to stay with her. She is aware that sometimes separation is inevitable and maybe that’s why she is a lady with a strong mind.

This woman will encourage you to leave when things goes hard. She will respect your decision because she understands that everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled. She knows that life goes on and she will be familiar with this separation. She had to say goodbye to bonds that she had with the ones who she loved most. So that she won’t make anyone for the reason of her happiness. 

She knows that attention and affection are not things to looking for but the things should get in a relationship. She knows that real love should be easy and simple.

She is not afraid to start over again since she knows every ending means a new beginning. Right people will stay always and if someone decides to leave they were not right for you.

She knows that true love does exist and by the time she will open her heart for love again like a phoenix who rise from ashes. She will not allow anyone to ruin her hopes and dreams.

That’s not all. Your failure to be presence will push her forward and will inspire her to achieve her goals. Besides she will never asking you to come back instead of that she will focus on bettering herself. She will move on and she will start to love herself more.

You might change your mind someday and realize that you want her back but it will be too late since she has already moved on with her own life. She is never stuck in the past and she will leave your chapter in her past.

A strong woman always move forward. She will survive. She will become someone who can’t break. And then you will realize that you lost a precious one.