One would speak negatively about “being alone” or giving yourself some “alone time”. It could mean that you’re not social, neglected or simply are a loser, which is all not a good place be in.

But, is it really that bad a thing to spend some quality time by yourself?? If you have had instances where you have been alone, you’d actually agree that it exactly a bad thing. There can be a lot of positives that you can gain by being an alone!!

Of course, there is no point in trying to prove that being alone is the “way to go”, but, it will certainly help you develop new perspectives and make you a mentally stronger person..

Here are 10 things that will happen to you when you start giving yourself some alone time. And I’m sure you would have never thought of any of these.

01. Recharge yourself: More we are surrounded by people, the more we spend our energy. It could be for anything from trying to make someone happy, make someone understand, doing something together or even simply speaking with someone that will make you lose energy.

The worst part of having someone around you all the time is to be mentally stressed being constantly interacting. Spending a bit of time alone will help your body and mind recharge and relax.

02. Time to reflect: Living in the age of technology, our lives have started moving so fast that in fact, we hardly find time to spend a few minutes reflecting on our own selves.

However busy we are, don’t we find a bit of time to think about somebody else or what somebody has done? So why not try and spend that time focusing on your own life and reflect on how and what could be done to improve your life?

Isolation is the most successful model for reflection.

03. You’ll get in touch with your own emotions: Again, being in the midst of other people can easily take you away from your own emotions as you constantly try to read and live up to others emotions.

Being alone, you’ll have enough time to dwell on your emotions, helping you to learn and understand what makes you happy or sad, how your emotions affect others and how you can regulate your emotions to make life simpler.

To really understand your own self, you got to give yourself some quality time alone.

04. Doing things that you enjoy: Compromising can be the toughest thing to do. What we don’t realize is that our lives are full of compromises and only by compromising we get along with other people. Whether we like it or not, we generally tend to do what the majority of people like.

But, by being alone and spending time alone, we have all the freedom we need to do what we like and not having to compromise can really be a treat.

05. Become more productive. We feel that it’s difficult to get work done without other people being around you. But, as a matter of fact, company of others can more often than not be a distraction rather than a support in being productive.

So, in reality, spending time alone could be way more productive as it has minimal distractions allowing us to put a lot more effort into what we do.

06. You’ll enjoy your relationships even more. A time you spend alone will help you understand and appreciate your own self. This will help you start enjoying the relationships with others a lot more.

You will also realize that you begin to appreciate the positives that come from the relationships you have with others.

07. Feeling independent: We are quite reluctant to be alone, and we constantly look for people to be around us at all times where ever we go and in whatever we do

Truth is, the more spend time alone, the more you will learn to be alone and do things alone making you independent. You will no longer be afraid to go places or do anything alone without interaction with others.

The anxiety of seeing only yourself around will vanish in no time.

08. Break from trying to keep other people happy: Our lives are relationship dependent. From birth to death, we always look for some sort of connection with the people around us. In many ways, we try tremendously to make others happy looking for reciprocity. We work enormously hard to make relationships work as we can only be happy till the relationships last.

Have we thought for one second about making ourselves happy? And just ourselves alone? No, I guess. Try spending time by yourself, make yourself the only person you have to make happy and see how much it would change you.

09. Nothing to apologize for: As people look for constant interaction with others, it is always quite easy to hurt someone close to you. We work even harder then to apologize and get that person to forgive and not break away from you.

Imagine spending time all by yourself… How often do you think you will hurt yourself? How often do you think you’ll have to give your words and actions a second thought before letting out. NONE. There is no way you can offend yourself by spending time by yourself because all that you will think of doing is to make you own self-happier.

10. You’ll stop looking for validation: More often than not, we look at taking second opinions before doing something. Whether it be from family or friends, we are always reluctant to act without advice.

What we are incapable of comprehending is that we can speak for ourselves and we can decide what is right or wrong. Yes, there are times that you cannot go without a second opinion, but not always.

The more you spend time alone, the more you will trust your conscience and instincts.