White tigers are majestic creatures of nature. It has a lot of attraction to itself more than a general ‘orange’ tiger. Many people argue that this might be an ‘albino’ condition of tigers. But when digging into the facts, it is unveiled that this is not an ‘albino’ condition. But obviously this condition is resulted by a gene mutation.

This is because that the tigers who turn out to be white, do not produce the ‘Pheomelanin’ in their body and instead they develop ‘Eumelanin’. Therefore, the white tigers are not identified as an albino animal species.More info & Photo courtesy: Dinoanimals.



These animals are a bunch of elegant creatures that some of the Zoos have these tigers as one of their main attractions. They inbreed these tigers, so that the gene mutation has a great chance of getting copied to their offspring.



There are names such as ‘Siberian white tigers’ or ‘Bengali white tigers’ and so on. Researchers confirm that they are not located within that specific geographical location as a breed. But it just happens that the animal in that specific location has mutated genes in them.



Although they are not a separate species, there are some differences between the general ‘Orange’ tiger and the ‘White’ tiger. They are bigger in size than the ‘Orange’ tiger, the immune system of the ‘White’ tiger is pretty low. As a result of their mutation, they can have cross eyes as well.




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