For most people, their mornings start with a cup of hot coffee or tea. It is the best way to kick-start your day and feel fresh. A cup of hot beverage gives you the energy to go about your day.

When it comes to drinking coffee or tea, many of us prefer to have our mugs. It makes you feel special when you sip from your mug. Some people love their mugs so much that they get angry when someone else uses them.

More than 60% of people feel emotionally attached to their mugs. But why is it so? What makes them feel attached? Let’s find the answer to this question.

Reasons Why People Are Attached To Their Mugs

You may not have realized it for so long, but here are the reasons why you feel your mug is special.

Why Are Mugs So Special To People

  1. It reflects your personality

People who have their mugs choose them as per their likings. For example, some people buy mugs with quotes, while many others customize them the way they like. Some people go to the extent of personalizing their mugs by getting their names printed on them. You go to lengths and breaths to find the perfect mug for yourself. Automatically, you grow an attachment to your mug because it reflects your personality or a part of you. It makes you feel like a part of your soul is associated with the mug. This is why you get heartbroken when you break your mug.

  1. Reminds you of home

Many people prefer to travel with their mugs. Whether going to the office or traveling to any holiday destination, they like to pack carry their mugs with them. Starbucks travel mug are made of steel and therefore they are travel-friendly. Sipping coffee or tea from the same mug makes you feel closer to home. When you are far away from your home, it reminds you of the cherished moments spent with your loved ones back home.

  1. It stays with you

When you own a special mug, you try to keep it safe. You want it to last a lifetime. Your mug is the witness of deep conversations, happy moments, and fond memories. Whenever you sip from your mug, it reminds you of every good and bad moment you have been through. In other words, you share a strong connection with your mug. It slowly becomes an irreplaceable part of your life. The vibes you get from sipping tea or coffee from your mug are different and special. If you have a special mug, you would understand the feeling better.

Why Are Mugs So Special To People?

Your mug is your prized possession. It may not be as expensive as other items, but it holds a special part in your life. You share an emotional connection with your mug that cannot be replaced. It is because of this reason why people find their mugs special. When you lose your mug or it gets broken, it feels like a part of you is gone.

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