When it comes to hair care, one of the most important things that you should consider is the towel you use. Regardless of how much effort you put into making your hair look fantastic, they will eventually lose their charm if they are not treated properly. The one thing that matters the most in that regard is how you dry your hair. Most of us are used to using bath towels to dry our hair and we do not realize how big of a mistake we are making. It is important to understand why that is a mistake and what kind of towel would work best for your hair. We will be telling you everything you need to know about finding the right hair towel for you to use daily.

The Sensitivity of the Hair

Typical bath towels are quite rough and using them repeatedly can eventually lead to your hair becoming fragile and brittle. One thing that people also use bath towels for is the final drying process. This involves wrapping the hair in the bath towel and letting them dry for half an hour. With a large towel, your hair would feel a lot of stress and that could affect the strength of their roots. You want to avoid that as much as possible to make sure your hair remains healthy and strong.

If you were to switch to something like a microfiber hair towel, you will feel instant relief from all the burden that your hair have been bearing. These are extremely light and made only to wrap your hair for the drying process. Not only can you move around freely, but you also avoid damaging your hair like you would with a regular towel.

No more lint

One of the worst things about using a bath towel to dry your hair is the lint that accumulates in your hair. This happens because of the hooped fibers that towel makers use to make the bath towels feel plump. This can then result in fibers shedding on your hair and making them feel rough and frizzy. They also mess with your head moisture and can be a huge trap for dirt and other filth. A proper microfiber towel resolves that problem easily and does not involve this technique at all.

Reduced Friction

One of the worst things that a bad towel can do to any hair is to apply friction on it. Not only does friction damage the hair, it dries them out as well, making the scalp vulnerable in the process. This is especially true if you are someone with thick hair as they take the most effort to dry out. If you use a good towel you might be able to solve that problem by reducing that friction.  A major advantage of using a dedicated towel for your head is that it can make sure your hair do not get damaged and you can manage it easily.

Towel Maintenance

Not only is it extremely easy to pack away hair towels, their small size also makes them incredibly easy to clean up. The amount of time you will need for your towel to dry out will be much slower. However, hair towels are far different as they are smaller than regular towels, are extremely easy to wash, and provide all the things you need in an easy to use cheap package. It is therefore quite important that you use a dedicated towel for your hair that is both small and functional.

Why The Towel You Use Matters


The case for using hair towels on your hair is quite strong. They are the perfect size, they do not create a mess, and they are effective as well. Add to that the tons of convenience you get and it becomes quite clear that you should get one immediately.

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