Falling in love is easy, but being in love is very hard. It takes every ounce in you to love a person truly and the same response should be there to sustain the relationship. But if there’s no match it is best to leave than to be toxified.

If you rush into a relationship it quite ends too soon. The more you have patience in getting to know people and letting true feelings conquer in the right way it will be effective. So wait, wait for the right one that supplements yourself to a better version of you.

The root for a relationship to be strong is understanding. If you wait for the person who can understand you without any doubt or any reach of explanation you will know anything else is possible. It’s a warmth that makes you feel better and safe always.

If the person you fall for only has eyes on you it brings a spark in you. It makes you feel very special. Then, promises are valued and words are not just uttered but performed and saved.

Hold your fire from the person who’d come to bring the best in you. This person is the one which makes a change in your life in a way even more than you dream. Everything just become possible and you find a strength that keeps you going. This love makes you complete.

Wait for the person who is home for you. The safe place. The tranquil loving warmth. More of a therapy to your soul.

So, wait…

For the one who truly loves you deep and sound

For the one who never turns their back on you and never doubts your moves

For the on that believes in you

For the one that brings the spark in you

For the one that adores you and understands you

For the one that will lose the world but not you

For the one that sees your beauty and keeps saying you are beautiful

For the one that values your presence and would do anything to make the relationship happen

For the one who dreams a future together. Where you are in every episode of their lives
Wait, for the one and only, one in a million love which makes you feel alive