Manufactured since the end of the 19th century, Winchester 22 ammo has been used by rifle owners for over 130 years. It’s a cartridge with a lineage that stretches back further than most and it’s one that’s synonymous with the Wild West.

Anyone who’s not a gun enthusiast or perhaps not familiar with Western movies might not understand what the Winchester Repeating Rifle Company represents in the field of rifles and ammunition. So, that’s what we seek to change by taking a look at the living legend that is the Winchester .22 cartridge.

A Long & Proud History for Winchester 22 Ammo

Originally launched for the Winchester M1890 slide rifle (which was perhaps unsurprisingly released in 1890), Winchester 22 ammo was a flat-nosed slug that was a.most identical to Remington 22 Special, save for the fact that the Remington version had a round nose.

It was heralded rather menacingly as the “first notable improvement in killing power’, as it was known to offer a clean kill over a distance of up to 70 metres. It had nowhere near the accuracy of the long-range 22, but it was very effective for use in hunting prairie dogs and other small game.

Winchester 22 Ammo

Interesting fact: The Winchester 22 is an ‘inside-lubricated’ cartridge with a flat base, which differs from the short, long-range and Extra long-range 22 rounds that are outside-lubed.

Fast Forward to World War 2

Moving forward around 50 years to the period just before the outbreak of World War 2, propellant technology had greatly improved the effectiveness of Winchester 22 ammo. These brand new high-velocity rounds offered more stopping power and were also cheaper based on the sheer amount of 22 rifles in use at the time.

From 1890 onwards, manufacturers like Stevens, Remington and indeed, Winchester offered repeater and single-shot rifles, meaning that demand was high for these Calibers of ammo. Varieties like the Winchester Rimfire (WRF) bit the dust along the way, but are still offered online for use with older varieties of rifle.

A Brand With a Long & Proud Lineage

Winchester 22 Ammo is a product made by one of the most notable names in the American or indeed, the global firearms and ammunition industry. Stretching back deep into recorded history, the rifles and ammo that they have created have been used to shape the world as we know it today.

Used extensively in WW2, Winchester rifles and ammunition are known for quality and accuracy, which is why they continue to be popular today.

Despite not being as powerful as it’s larger Calibers cousins, the 22 cartridge still packs quite a punch and is used for home defense purposes right the way across the US. More than being just a mere rifle cartridge, Winchester 22 ammunition represents an icon of freedom and patriotism as much now as it did way back when.

Winchester 22 Ammo

For those of you out there who didn’t understand before, I hope this brief history lesson helps you appreciate what Winchester ammo really stands for.

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