Madonna is one of the famous singers in the music industry. She has 14 albums and countless number of hit single. Winning many awards and also she has beaten a number of world records in her 40+ years career. Madonna is also a trend setter who’s not only famous among her fans but also among celebrities.

So it’s no big deal that Madonna is in the talk again. But this time, the new news is quite surprising. A photo which had been posted in 2015 on Madonna’s official Instagram account resurfaced on the internet lately, a photo where Madonna’s head had been apparently photoshopped on some other woman’s body.More Info: TikTok Video | Madonna’s Instagram | Amelia Goldie

#1. Fascinating things appear on the internet which also include a crudely photoshopped picture of Madonna.

A TikTok video which shows the photoshopped picture of Madonna. The picture which has become a talk is Madonna’s head photoshopped into some other woman’s body. It’s visible due the rough cropping of the head.

It’s no big deal cause many celebrity photos get edited but this particular picture stands out firstly because it had been posted on Madonna’s official Instagram page and secondly the body is really owned by Amelia Goldie who’s a digital marketer, writer, and a photographer from Sydney, Australia.

#2.  Both the pictures resurfaced recently.

This picture got on Madonna’s Instagram account in 2015 along with the caption saying “ I look Kewl…” and at the same time her studio album was promoted using #rebelheart.

Goldie found out about the photo when some of her followers had sent her the photo on Instagram. She first had thought that it was a prank but later found it on Madonna’s official account. It can be considered as an intentional joke due to the bad photoshop being done, the head is a bit off center, lighting and shading are different. 

#3. Goldie also had found out about the photo from her fans and first had thought that it’s a joke.

Recently Amelia had posted a TikTok video about this which went viral. In the video she claims that Madonna had photoshopped the picture and had gained more than 2.1 M views along with 320,000 likes in the process. It is said that the picture is still on Madonna’s official account and people are commenting about the quality and everything.

#4. Amelia thinks that if you are using someone’s body as your own then that person must be mentioned. But she had no hard feelings.

#5. Here’s the viral video posted on TikTok by Amelia Goldie.

@ameliamgoldieWhen Madonna photoshops her face onto your body (never thought that’d be a sentence I’d say) #ohno #madonna

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

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