Humans are biological and emotional beings. We deal with emotions and feelings every day as we go on with life. Mental health is an important factor of a human’s life since it drives the person and their life.

Lately more and more people put down themselves than the other people do. Most of us are very outgoing, helpful and compassionate. But if you give a think about it, are we really outgoing, helpful and compassionate about our own self? The answer is no, we tend to help and be there for other people while you abandon your own self when you get into trouble.More info & Photo courtesy: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Recently a writer; Mary Katherine Backstrom shed some light on the fact that we are not taking care of our own mental health and confidence. She posted on Facebook about this and received a lot of input and appreciation by many, proving that this is a common issue among people in the modern society.

Most of us compare to others on a daily bias and tend to look down upon us. Feeling ashamed of ourselves, feeling as if you are not enough, as a failure or unfortunate is a very bad practice that has been practiced in the society. Backstrom mentioned few instances that she would do it to herself that others could relate to. She has mentioned very random things in the day to day life that when she feels bad about herself.











People joined in on the comments showing that it is a current issue.




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